Greek Triskelion 18-carat white gold charm pendant. Symbol of constant movement to reach enlightenment. Product Code: 406MW016S

The Greek triskelion is an ancient symbol. Its name comes from the Greek word Triskeles meaning three legs. The main meaning attributed to the Greek triskelion is movement with a constant forward motion. The” Greek Triskelion” is a symbol of constant movement to reach enlightenment. Designed and crafted by Michalis ‘ artisans. The ” Greek Triskelion” can be created in all shades of gold and silver.







Note: Since all Michalis Jewelry is Handmade, Weight of Precious Metals and Weight of Precious Stones are Approximate.

 Σημείωση: Επειδή όλα τα Κοσμήματα Μιχάλης είναι Χειροποίητα, το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Μετάλλων  και το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Πετρών είναι κατά Προσέγγιση.