“Labyrinth”, 18-carat white gold charm. Labyrinth is a symbol of Protection, Rebirth, and Progress. Product Code: 415MW024

Labyrinth“, 18-carat white gold charm. Symbol of Protection, Rebirth, and Progress throughout the wearer’s own path of life. The charm is designed and crafted by Michalis ‘ artisans. It can be available in silver and yellow, white or pink gold.

Note: Since all Michalis Jewelry is Handmade, Weight of Precious Metals and Weight of Precious Stones are Approximate.

 Σημείωση: Επειδή όλα τα Κοσμήματα Μιχάλης είναι Χειροποίητα, το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Μετάλλων  και το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Πετρών είναι κατά Προσέγγιση.