Ring 18KT White Gold with a Μarquise cut Diamond Solitaire. Product code:277D596D

Ring 18KT White Gold with a Μarquise cut Diamond Solitaire. Weight  of diamond solitaire  0,37 carats.

Michalis meticulously chose natural diamonds of superior sparkle and beauty that are conflict free from ethical sources. In our jewelry studio our artisans handcraft all Michalis creations turning designs to jewels of superlative beauty. If you have an inspiration, we are able to create it by adjusting it to your particular preferences of design and budget. Along with your jewelry you will receive a guarantee that will assure you of its excellent quality.


Note: Since all Michalis Jewelry is Handmade, Weight of Precious Metals and Weight of Precious Stones are Approximate.

 Σημείωση: Επειδή όλα τα Κοσμήματα Μιχάλης είναι Χειροποίητα, το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Μετάλλων  και το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Πετρών είναι κατά Προσέγγιση.