Michalis Diamonds

Designed to be adored today and cherished forever.

Brilliant diamonds explode with light catching people’s eyes inadvertently, sparkling in the candlelight, adding elegance and glamour  to a woman’s whole being. 

Look graceful with a Michalis diamond of exceptional beauty. .

The Beauty of Diamonds

Fire, scintillation and brilliance.

A polished diamond’s beauty lies in the way it catches light and transmits back to the viewer as spectacular fire, scintillation and brilliance.

Fire describes the flashes of color emitted from a  diamond. 

Scintillation  are  the intense  white sparkles you see when you tilt a diamond. 

Brilliance is the combination of all white light reflecting from the surface and the interior of a diamond.

Every Michalis diamond ring begins with a diamond chosen for its exceptional presence.

By focusing on the diamond’s natural beauty and brilliance, Michalis  diamond experts  individually hand select by eye  the world’s most beautiful diamonds to be set in Michalis jewelry.



Diamonds that sparkle from every angle.

All diamonds are tested according to stringent in-house guidelines. Going beyond the standard 4cs. Michalis diamond experts look for diamonds that sparkle from every angle, no matter  what the size is.

Perfect combination of all the criteria.

Every single stone is scrutinized for  a perfect  balance  of cut, clarity, color, transparency,  proportions, symmetry  and polish. It is the unique combination of all the criteria, taken to the extreme that makes a  Michalis diamond beautiful, exceptional and unique.

Οnly an extremely small percentage of the world’s polished diamonds meets our highly stringent standards. The vast majority of the world’s gem quality diamonds  are rejected.


Michalis’ diamonds are among he world’s has to offer.

Michalis Lifetime Guarrantee, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or  the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) Certification accompany Michalis diamond creations assuring  you of its supreme quality.


We are committed to sourcing the finest and most exceptionally crafted diamonds with complete social  responsibility. All of our diamonds are sourced only from countries that are full participants of the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council.  The  two organizations that work  to eliminate all trade of conflict-zone diamonds.

Michalis At Your Service

No two diamonds are exactly alike. Each one is unique with its own precise gemological characteristics.  Our gemologists are able to provide you with professional advice and answers to your questions, no matter how complicated.


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With 55years of diamond experience, Michalis  offers you diamond expertise you can trust.