About Us

Creators of  Luxury Jewelry Since 1963.

Tradition & Reputation

Luxury jewelry is defined by exceptional quality of materials, stunning beauty, exquisite design, exclusivity,  supreme craftsmanship and meticulous attention to the finest detail.

MICHALIS  has been crafting the finest precious jewelry from 1963. A family-owned company with quest for perfection combined diamond mastery with exceptional artistry and laid the cornerstone for a  name synonymous with luxury  in Greece and overseas.


We are always in search of the Most Beautiful Precious Gems.

The Finest of Diamonds

Brilliant diamonds explode with light. Going beyond the standard 4C’s, Michalis’  diamond experts individually hand select by eye diamonds that sparkle from every angle, no matter what the size is. 

Unique, One of a kind, Colored Gems.

Every natural colored gemstone is a unique creation of earth. Each one, is one of a kind, with its own distinct color, weight and cut. Our expert gemologists travel the world, discover and collect only the most beautiful natural  colored gemstones for Michalis creations.


The creation of a piece of fine Jewelry requires deliberation, research and long hours of manual work. At Michalis , exquisite designs are brought in life by the hands of aspiring jewelers . Master artisans with diverse skills, designers, model makers, goldsmiths, gemologists, gem-setters and polishers, work in perfect harmony to transform original sketches to exceptional jewels in our workshops at Voukourestiou 4, street,  in the heart of Athens.

Categories of Luxury Products

We offer a diversified product mix of luxury products that encompass exceptional quality with contemporary styling . Bridal jewelry, contemporary  jewel collections, men’s jewelry, baby’s jewelry, jewelry watches, ornamental jewelry objects, corporate and celebration gifts.

 Bespoke commissions of the most complex specification

Having a brief with customers about their desire, style and budget frames, we design and create unique one of a kind jewels, ornaments, personalized business gifts. Individual or corporate inspirations steeped in Michalis’s expertise, become bespoke creations that often surpass customers’ highest  expectations.


Every  single Michalis product whether a high-end jewel or a business gift is made by hand with attention to the finest detail. With a technical expertise fully focused on excellence, we monitor and supervise the entire creation process on a daily basis .Only perfectly crafted and absolutely faultless jewelry leaves the Michalis ateliers.

Certifications & Guarantees

Michalis Lifetime Guarantee, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or  the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) Certification accompany Michalis jewelry creations assuring  the customer of its supreme quality. All Michalis creations bear the company’s hallmark of authenticity, verifying that Michalis A.E stands for the production, the quality and the fineness of each specific jewel.


We are committed to sourcing the finest and most exceptionally crafted diamonds with complete social  responsibility. All of our diamonds are sourced only from countries that are full participants of the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council.  The  two organizations that work  to eliminate all trade of conflict-zone diamonds.

Visit us and be enchanted by the entire range.