​Privacy Policy

MICHALIS S.A. adheres to the principles of personal data protection provided by International and European law governing matters relating to e-commerce (Directive 2000/31 / EC, Presidential Decree 131/2003), Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as well as from the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) which regulates issues related to distance sales, the relevant provisions of the Greek law 4624/2019 on “Protection of the individual from the processing of personal data”, of the law ( Law 3471/2006) on the “Protection of personal and privacy data in the field of electronic communications”, the P.D. 207/1998, 79/2000, article 8 of Law 2819/2000 and European law with instructions 95/46 / EC and 97/66 / EC.


The Company asserts that it will not use your personal data for any use not specifically authorized by you, nor will send or disclose your data to any third parties (natural or legal entities) not affiliated with the Company, without your express and specific consent to this effect, except in cases where disclosure is necessary in order for your order to be carried out (e.g. cooperating shipping companies) or if it is mandatory by law.

Additional Information

 In general, you can use this site without giving us any information. The disclosure of some of your personal information by you is a prerequisite for using the services provided by the website such as: To register on the site, receive informative emails about new products, or contact us via e-mail. You will be asked for – Contact details such as name, email address, phone, fax, address and postal code.

For an online Purchase – Billing information, transaction and credit card information (should you make a purchase via credit card)

By submitting your personal information to our server, you guarantee that the information is true, not illegal or in any means unsuitable.

 MICHALIS S.A. can delete your personal information anytime, after your request.

All the above information is used in order to help us constantly improve our products and services and is necessary in order for you to complete a purchase/order. Moreover, it is used to inform you about your order’s delivery status. Lastly, MICHALIS S.A  following your consent, can keep you up-to date by sending you emails with news and information about our company, products etc.


For surfing safely the Michalis E-store, as well as for the safety of your transactions with it, MICHALIS S.A  takes all appropriate steps, by adopting modern high quality safety standards in line with market trends, and uses TLS 1.2 with cryptographic protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL), which are put into operation upon the entry of sensitive personal data offering codified communication. Michalis S.A takes the necessary measures in order to protect your personal data. However keep in mind that safe surfing on the Michalis E-store as well as the protection of your password into your personal account depends on you as well.

Marketing and commercial mailings


If you have subscribed to a newsletter or sales or promotional information service offered by Michalis S.A,  we hereby inform you that Michalis S.A shall use the data solely to keep you up-to-date with their activities and enable you to benefit from our promotions. You are hereby informed that Michalis S.A may send information if it considers that the information provided may be of interest to you and it is related to the products and services you are interested in.   

You are likewise informed that we may keep you informed of our activities via any of the means you have provided us with, including email, SMS or any other similar means of communication. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time.  

You are informed that the legal grounds for the lawfulness of processing data for this purpose are none other than the legitimate interests of Michalis S.A companies. We also inform you that you may oppose the processing of your data for the purposes referred to above at any time by sending an email to info@michalis.gr. You are likewise informed that Michalis S.A shall conserve your details for the duration of its business or contractual relationship with you, until such a time that you inform Michalis S.A that you no longer wish to receive commercial information. 

Registration form and details for sending e-shop purchases


 If you have registered as a customer or placed an order with  Michalis S.A , you are hereby informed that Michalis S.A shall use your data solely to maintain your registration on our website, provide you with order tracking details, deliver your order, keep you up-to-date with

Michalis S.A activity and enable you to take advantage of our promotions. You are hereby informed that Michalis S.A may send you information if it considers that the information provided may be of interest to you and it is related to the products and services you are interested in.


You are informed that the legal grounds for the lawfulness of processing data for these purposes is the consent of the interested parties. We also inform you that you may oppose the processing of your data in order to send information of interest to you by sending an email to info@michalis.gr .

You are informed that Michalis S.A shall conserve your details for the duration of its business or contractual relationship with you, and may also conserve your details once the contractual relationship has ended to provide them to the corresponding organisation, should it prove necessary in order to comply with the provisions stipulated by law.

The personal details you provide us with may be disclosed to credit reference or fraud prevention agencies, which may keep records of this information. 

Obligation of secrecy regarding the processing of your details

The persons involved in the processing of details corresponding to natural persons and that have direct or indirect access to their files, shall at all times abide by the obligation to keep secret the personal details they have knowledge of during the course of their activity. The Obligation of Secrecy is mandatory for MICHALIS S.A , the members of its executive and management bodies, the persons hired under the terms and conditions of Employment Law and professionals that provide services contracted under the provisions of Business Law. It is also an obligation for goods and service suppliers and their employees, processing controllers and their employees, any entities subcontracted by the processing controllers and their employees. The obligation of secrecy remains in force following the termination of the employment or business relationship entered into with the MICHALIS S.A, the data controller, as well as following termination of all employment contracts and business agreements, etc. that bind employees and/or professionals to the data controller and the suppliers that provide the MICHALIS S.A with goods or services.  

 With the exception of companies that form part of the MICHALIS S.A and for the purposes stipulated above and the cases detailed below, we do not sell, trade or transfer in any manner whatsoever your personal details to third parties without providing you with prior notification, pursuant to the data protection legislation currently in force. All members of MICHALIS S.A appreciate the need to ensure the privacy and protection of your personal details and apply similar privacy policies. Your data may be transferred to partners hosting websites and third parties that collaborate with us on the design and use of the website, the provision of services or the analysis of the data collected.  

Unsubscription from Newsletters

In case you wish to discontinue your subscription to the newsletters, you can send us an email to info@michalis.gr.



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 “Linked-To” other websites

Our website  may contain links to other websites when it considers them to be of interest to users. Said websites and webpages have been created by natural persons, legal entities or entities without legal personality that are unconnected to Michalis s.a which does not intervene in their management, finance them, adopt decisions regarding the contents thereof, manage or participate in the services provided by the linked or recommended websites/webpages. Michalis S.A  shall erase any links and shall refrain from recommending websites/ webpages when it has irrefutable proof that they and/or the services they provide are unlawful or harm the rights of third parties that may be entitled to compensation. 


Data security

Michalis S.A has applied the security measures required by personal data protection regulations in its work centres, premises, systems and communications infrastructures, etc. It has also adopted logical, physical, organisation and contractual measures, etc. to prevent the unauthorised access to data by third parties, as well as their destruction, modification, reproduction, dissemination, transfer or reuse.  

 Notwithstanding the above, providing personal information online always implies the risk that third parties, which we are unable to control, may intercept and use this information. Although Michalis S.A makes all reasonable efforts to protect your privacy and personal details, we are unable to guarantee the security of the information you disclose online under your responsibility.  

                                          Changes to this Privacy Policy

MICHALIS S.A. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time at any time, always following Greece’s legal framework. . When we do, we will let you know by posting the changed Privacy Policy on this page with a new “Last Updated” date. By using this site and its services, you signify your understanding and agreement to comply with the entire privacy policy.

For any clarification regarding the privacy policy , please contact us at tel: (+30) 210-3222360 or (+30)210-8982607 or you may email us to info@michalis.gr.