Handmade Chain Bracelet 18 Carat Yellow Gold

Handmade Chain Bracelet 18 Carat Yellow Gold.In our atelier in Athens, artisan jewellers skill fully create by hand gold jewels. You can wear this modern chain bracelet all day long. Since each piece is handmade you have the opportunity to request custom designs or alterations to suit your preferences. With your jewelry you will receive a certificate that it will assure you for its supreme quality.  For more information please contact us at 0030-2103222360.

Delivery Time: 1 to 7 Working Days.

Note: Since all Michalis Jewelry is Handmade, Weight of Precious Metals and Weight of Precious Stones are Approximate.

 Σημείωση: Επειδή όλα τα Κοσμήματα Μιχάλης είναι Χειροποίητα, το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Μετάλλων  και το Βάρος των Πολύτιμων Πετρών είναι κατά Προσέγγιση.